French or Italian Marquis For Sale

Mar 18, 2016 | Noble Titles, Royal Titles

Marquisates of the ancient Kingdoms of Italy and France.

If you want to buy a Title of Nobility with the rank of Marquis in France or Italy, you have come to the right place. Marquisates sell well for 12000€, but in some occasions we can find very interesting titles of nobility of this rank for 9-10000€.

Marquis is one of the most coveted titles of our entire portfolio. We are delighted to announce that we do have some of the best Marquisates of the ancient Kingdoms of Italy and France. This is one of the most sought-after types of nobility titles.An Italian or French Marquisate has always the grandeur that a good and genuine title of nobility should have. We can quote some famous examples of the sale of titles of Marquis in France: The Marquisate D’Acy that was given in 1668 by Louis XIV, was sold in 1719. The Marquisate of Bellenave, approved by Louis XIII in 1635, was sold in 1771.

We are able to research French and Italian Marquisates, and provide our distinguished clients with the detailed history, heraldic information and all the pertinent legalities about this distinguished type of feudal and noble title.

Get in touch with us and have a better idea about how to obtain your own title of Marquis.

The owners of Marquis Noble Titles in Italy or France are associated with a grandiose tradition and way of life. They usually dominated the life in the provinces with their luxury and standard of living, and led a comfortable and spacious life in Palaces and Castles, entertaining guests on a daily basis, and keeping a large number of servants and horses.

Certainly, they could allow themselves many lordly airs and graces reserved to a very few elite individuals. They used to own vast estates, and be involved in charities and promotion of the arts, specially poetry and theater. Think of the history and prestige having such a title involves.

All our Marquisates are certified by Notaries and officials, registered appropriately, and the transfers are done according to the only ways to obtain lawfully a title in Italy and France.

If you wish to become the sole owner and proprietor of a magnificent and decadent piece of Ancient Italian or French History, then you must enquire about acquiring a title and discuss it with us.

Not many Marquisates are left, and we daresay that in a few years, this type of operation will be nearly impossible due to lack of suitable titles. We are still capable of researching high quality titles of Marquis for people who want to be associated to a more dignified age, but availability is becoming a problem. Therefore, if you do have an interest in this type of title, we advise you to contact us.


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