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Nobility Titles is the International website of Ostlichter LTA, a Switzerland-based company with over 40 years experience in the historical and genealogical research of the most valuable and prestigious French, Italian and German Feudal and Noble Titles of Continental Europe.

The Nobility Titles Difference

The sale and purchase of Noble Titles such as Prince, Duke, Viscount and Lord is something that has existed almost as long as the titles themselves. What sets us apart from other companies offering titles for sale is that we treat the world of Nobility with the respect and elegance that it deserves, utilising our unparalleled expertise and resources to provide our clients with access to the most extensive and exhaustive list of European Noble Titles.

As you browse our website, one thing you will notice is the lack of any kind of ‘shopping list’ of current titles available to purchase. Titles are never listed by name to maintain the exclusivity and prestige of each title acquired. We work in a very different way to the majority of title sellers, offering our clients a much more professional, personalised and private service.

We match clients to titles, not the other way round. Rather than being left to just choose a title from a list, we work with discerning individuals who are looking to purchase the most appropriate title for them and their interests. Our clients receive an expert, research-led service to acquire a title that is as personal to them as possible.

The Nobility Titles Service

Our approach is a combination of the expertise of a historian of Nobility, an antiquarian, and a lawyer, with research that has a scientific, historic and academic quality. Our methodological approach is practically unmatched by other companies, applying the same quality research guidelines as universities or scientific institutions, and to such an expert level that external firms of lawyers often choose us to perform forensic genealogy services.

Because of our unique approach, titles can be matched to a range of client requirements, including finding:

  • titles by ancestral surnames
  • titles by geographic location
  • titles granted for specific reasons
  • titles granted to specific types of individuals
  • titles from a specific era in history
  • titles granted by a specific monarch
  • specific ranks other providers can’t find

When a suitable title or titles have been researched, we provide our clients with a level of detail that is unmatched by other providers. This allows them to fully connect with the history and legacy of the title they are considering by understanding such details as which Monarch granted the title, the date of concession, the context of why the title was granted, and detailed information about the geographical location of the title and heraldry and Coat of Arms associated with it.

Clients also receive an expert appraisal of the intrinsic value of each title. This is based on factors such as antiquity of the title, the period in which the title was awarded, the prestige of the family or families that held the title in the past, if there are peculiarities that make the title valuable from a historical point of view or any rarities that are worth mentioning because they increase the merits of the title.

Nobility Titles’ Unrivalled Resources & Expertise

We are able to offer our clients this unrivalled level of service by combining a wealth of historical documents with the very latest data management of this extensive information resource.

The foundation of our unrivalled service is an extensive private library established over the course of four decades. Partly inherited and partly acquired from antique bookshops, this library is made up of rare treatises, genealogical and historical research, and old manuals about nobility – these are incredibly valuable in terms of their cost and the information they contain.

The huge amount of historical information contained within the documents in our private library, and the depth of research this allows, has been combined with a modern, extensive database of virtually all the titles from these countries.

Our exclusive access to this library and the sophisticated collation of the historical information it contains, means we are able to guarantee we have the most extensive and exhaustive list of Noble and Feudal Titles in France, Italy and the Germanic lands of Europe. This allows us to satisfy even the most demanding requirements from clients and means we are in a relatively unique position of being able to find titles of the highest possible intrinsic value for our clients.

The level of research and expertise we commit to sourcing Noble Titles is complemented by the most professional legal services via experienced European solicitors and lawyers. These specialist legal services have extensive knowledge and experience of Nobility Law and cross-country legislation, ensuring all documents are legally-binding and notarised.

This unique knowledge of Noble Titles and their legal transfer provides clients with confidence and exceeds their expectations through every stage of the process. Our level of expertise and personal service is unmatched in the world of Noble Titles, and just one of the reasons why many clients enjoy working with them so much and often return to commission additional titles and research services.

We believe Nobility Titles are the only choice for discerning individuals with a strong desire to enhance their profile through the acquisition of their own prestigious Noble Title. If you agree, get in touch using the enquiry form in the sidebar or you can contact our Geneva office directly between 10.00-19.00, Monday to Friday on +41 225 181 360.

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