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The Noble Title of Marquis was a high-ranking title granted to noblemen throughout Europe. The title we know today was derived from the old French term for ‘ruler of a border area’, marchis – this came from the French word marche, meaning ‘frontier’, which itself was descended from the Latin for the same word, marca.

The origins of this nobility title around the time of the Holy Roman Empire help to explain why this was a rank that was typically conferred on individuals governing the more vulnerable frontier territories under Dukes and Counts who were directly responsible to the Emperor. As such, it is the second most senior rank in the hierarchy of noble titles.

As noble titles, Marquisates were most commonly granted by monarchs and senior royal family members in France and Italy, where the owners of Marquis titles throughout these countries would typically enjoy a very grandiose way of life. Their luxurious standard of living and lavish Palaces and Castles ensured they were very prominent figures in the provinces.

As well as enjoying all the trappings their elite status afforded them, many also played leading roles in charitable endeavours, as well as helping to promote the advancement of the arts, particularly poetry and the theatre.

An Italian or French Marquisate embodies all the grandeur you would expect from a Noble Title, and due to the relative scarcity of genuine, hereditary Marquis titles, they are some of the most sought after ranks of Nobility Titles.

Discovering a genuine Marquis title for sale (as well as the female equivalent Marchioness titles) can therefore be very challenging, but our knowledge and expertise mean we are able to resource some of the best Marquisates of the ancient Kingdoms of Italy and France and provide our clients with unrivalled historical and heraldic information and legal services to facilitate the transfer of these distinguished titles.

Discerning individuals interested in acquiring a genuine Marquis title can find more details on the available French and Italian titles below.

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Great Offers

Italian Feudal Title of Marquis


Offer expires: December 2023

Impressive and Ancient Title of Marquis

Impressive, Prestigious Italian Feudal and Noble Title ready to be assigned together with an impressive Coat of Arms, which shall be registered also in your name:

Italian Feudal Title of Marquis coat of arms.

We have again in our impressive portfolio of titles the always desired and decadent Italian Marquisates. Now, we have available for immediate transfer an ancient Marquisate from the South of Italy. The price for this Marquisate is of 7900€ instead of the usual 12000€, and must be paid by PayPal or Bank Wire in three instalments.

Therefore, if you want to enjoy the rare privilege of owning a title of Marquis, you are welcome to contact us. Experienced solicitors always carry out the transactions and legal proceedings. The time-frame is of 8-10 weeks, and then documents are couriered anywhere in the world. There are just a few opportunities left in Europe, as available Marquisates are becoming a very scarce and precious commodity.

Full information on the title is only and exclusively given to clients willing to register with us. If you do not identify yourself properly, your enquiry will be ignored. This being said, this is a truly unique opportunity to acquire an ancient title. Serious and legitimate enquiries are welcome.

The price for this magnificent package is only 7900€, payable by PayPal or Bank Wire.

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Offer expires: December 2023

We offer now an ancient and prestigious French Marquisate, along with two feudal Lordships. Available Marquisates are extremely rare, and we cannot guarantee we will have many more obtainable titles like this one.

Preliminary research indicates that this exceptionally ancient and prestigious Marquisate is of an extremely rare quality and value. This territorial title has an enormous historic interest.

Our solicitors can convey this well-researched and prominent title to you.

Customers unwilling to identify themselves properly will not be taken into consideration.

The price for this excellent package is only 7900€, payable by PayPal or Bank Wire.

Please contact us and enquire.

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