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For centuries, monarchs across Europe have granted Noble Titles of all ranks to family members, politicians, military heroes, and artists. Many of these titles survive to this day – some are even available to purchase.

“Buying a Nobility Title has always been a dream for a minority”.

Alexandre de Pontaimery,
Lord of Focheran and a XVIII Century French Author on Royalty and Nobility

Acquiring a genuine Noble Title is something that naturally appeals to those who have the means to buy them. Who wouldn’t want the privilege of being able to use a title previously owned by a renowned figure from history or that was granted by one of Europe’s great monarchs?

The perfect title can give you a sense of historical belonging. It can be a great way to honour your ancestors and provide a unique inheritance for your descendants. Your title could even be beneficial for business, or just be a great way to enhance your self-esteem.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to acquire a genuine, hereditary European Noble Title, we are the experts in this field.

Ostlichter LTA provides the most detailed historical and genealogical research combined with the highest quality legal services to help clients all over the world acquire some of the most valuable and prestigious French, Italian and German Feudal and Noble Titles for sale in Continental Europe.

Buying Titles of Nobility

Gathering of Noble Tiles and Aristocracy

Our expert service is highly sought after because we have always been able to obtain exceptionally valuable Titles of Nobility with highly distinguished provenance for our clients.

With over 40 years experience, the combination of our extensive private library and modern in-house database provides us with access to the most comprehensive list of Nobility and Feudal Titles in France, Italy and Germany – including rare, prestigious and valuable ranks that other providers are simply unable to secure.

Our respect and understanding of the world of Nobility and the depth of our resources means we are able to focus on matching clients to titles, not the other way round – so you receive a service that is tailored to your personal requirements.

Titles can be identified to meet a range of client requirements, including finding titles by ancestral surnames, geographic location, specific ranks other providers are unable to find, titles granted for specific reasons or to specific types of individuals, from a specific era in history or granted by a particular monarch.

You won’t find a ‘shopping list’ of named titles on our website – titles are never listed by name to maintain the exclusivity and prestige of each title acquired. Instead, you benefit from the perfect combination of historical knowledge and scientific research to identify a title that is as individual and relevant to you as possible.

Buy a Nobility Title from us

Your Noble Title is an investment that should be the result of an informative, enjoyable and professional process – at Nobility Titles, we pride ourselves on offering our clients all over the world just that.

We believe each client is unique, with unique requirements we are committed to meeting. All the titles we recommend are fully-researched, genuine, hereditary titles, with proven historical authenticity. These titles are conveyed in line with the appropriate civil and international law, and the law of their respective countries of origin.

Our guarantee is to provide genuine, historic Noble Titles, legally and permanently acquired for you.

Our unmatched knowledge of Noble Titles and their legal transfer provides clients with confidence and exceeds expectations through every stage of the process – which is why many of our clients enjoy working with us so much they often return to commission additional titles and research services.

The Noble Title Buying Process

After commissioning us to research suitable titles matching your criteria, within 2-3 days you are presented with a comprehensive report on the title we have located for you, with researched-backed information and a level of detail that is the best in the industry.

All the information you will be provided with – from the name of the title, when it was granted and by which monarch, to the context of why it was granted, its geographical location and our expert appraisal of its intrinsic value – allows you to gain a complete understanding of the history and significance of your title, providing everything you need to make your purchase decision.

Once you decide to proceed, our state of the art process of research and acquisition of Noble Titles always culminates with a legally valid transfer, with all the legal requirements dealt with by European solicitors with expertise in Nobility law, to ensure a successful outcome.

Find Your Perfect Noble Title

Even with our knowledge and expertise, the number of available Noble Titles is limited, and with the increasing popularity of these titles, that number is likely to fall – and prices are likely to rise. For anyone who has ever considered owning a genuine Feudal Title, now is a good time to take action while we are still able to obtain high-quality titles.

So, if you are a discerning individual with a serious interest in enhancing your profile through the acquisition of your own prestigious Noble Title, get in touch using the enquiry form in the sidebar or you can contact our Geneva office directly between 10.00-19.00, Monday to Friday on +41 225 181 360.

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