Method, Pricing and Procedure: FAQ

May 8, 2019 | Noble Titles, Royal Titles

Ancient French German Feudal Barony for Sale.

Where do your Titles come from?

We provide nobility and feudal titles only and exclusively from France, Germany and Italy. Please be aware that we do not engage in counsel or advice or sales related to English, Irish, Scottish or any other type of British title.

What about our clients?

We cater for an exquisite clientele. French, Italian and German Feudal and Noble Titles are something for connoisseurs, and one of the best things by far that one can have. Probably, if you are able to appreciate the finer things of life, such as gastronomy, the beauty of the countryside, old architectonic constructions, ancient churches and palaces, good red wine, and you love history, tradition, old books, antiques and parchments, you will be fully able to appreciate the service we provide.

In this world dominated by the loss of the traditional values and globalisation, there are a few outstanding people interested in obtaining noble & feudal titles. It is today a rarity and a collector’s pleasure to have the opportunity to enjoy a Feudal title and be able to transmit it to your descendants.

Advantages of working with us:

Italy 1494.The Research and Study of Feudal History and Titles is something that deserves dignity and grace. At least, this is our opinion, and we will not change it. We escape from the supermarket style and mentality, because we have the belief that things must be done properly and with a certain degree of elegance, respect and confidentiality.

Here, you are not buying a title outright from a readymade list of titles that everybody else can see. Here, you are using a legal service and an impeccable legal procedure to get ownership on a title that professional researchers have found out especially for you and no one else has seen. We love working for educated, rational and intelligent people.

We have been always delighted to study ancient maps, old geographical surveys, ancient census, old rolls of the nobility, and all the historical books and archives needed in order to clarify and analyse the viability of the transfer of a Feudal and Noble Title from France, Italy or Germany. Our work and the noble titles we research are always unblemished, genuine, well studied and researched. We pride ourselves in being able to research for our clients possibly the best French and Italian feudal titles existent and still available for disposition.

We do not work with “Titled Land”, “Reclaimed Titles”, “Statutory Declarations of Ownership”, or Intellectual property infraproducts such as copyrights and trademarks. We get the real thing for our clients, and we do it lawfully.

Authority for Acquisition

Barony titles.The Continental European Magistracy is the only authority which has the task and power to determine the legal existence of a special status in a given family and to declare the right to noble titles, predicates, and coats of arms annexed to it. Our expert lawyers have reached an elaborate legal tool, which aims at certifying the current legitimacy to a right claimed by the applicant.

Therefore, ascertaining that the noble title, predicate, coat of arms and qualifications are due to the right person by pronouncing a court decree, according to current legislation in Continental Europe. So, we can provide to our most distinguished clients with an irrefutable, irreversible and irrevocable Decree issued by a Court, recognising expressly the sole ownership of a noble and feudal title, the pertinent historical rights of the title, the armorial bearings pertaining to the title, and establish by law a clause of succession by which the title can be transmitted or inherited by your descendants. Moreover, we prepare our cases in such a way that the Decrees cannot be appealed and decisions of the courts are impossible to overturn. Not everybody can do this in Europe, we can.

Moreover, the Court Decrees and Legal Deeds provided are always legalised, sealed, apostilled, protocoled, notarised with serial numbers, and translated for official translators into any European language. All our Decrees conform to international law, and are legally valid in all the European Union, and many more countries of the world due to international conventions and regulations. Also, they conform to the laws and civil law system of their respective countries, such as France, Italy and Germany.

How long does it take the whole process?

Normally it takes 10-12 weeks on average to complete the process of transference of a title, and then documentation is sent by courier to your address.

How do I pay for the service?

You can pay by bank wire or by PayPal.

Do I have to pay the whole price in one go?

No, you always pay in two instalments. One at the beginning (50%), when there is agreement and the last 50% when the legal work is finished and we send you proof that the work has been concluded successfully, so all documentation may be sent to you.


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