The Most Beautiful French Royal Names & Their Meaning

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There’s something inspiring about discovering the meaning behind beautiful and popular names.  

Many names are so loved and cherished because they have an important or symbolic meaning. Whereas other names evoke a certain time in history, a place in the world, or a famous person or legend. 

When it comes to beautiful names, French names undoubtedly have their own je ne sais quoi. Many names with a Gallic history or pronunciation have an enchanting lilt that makes them popular choices for newborns or inspiring monikers for characters in a book, film or play.  

There’s a class of French names that evokes a more elevated sense of the French lifestyle, or the nation and its history, and these are the names based on the realms of French royalty and all the evocative stories that have delighted the masses throughout the ages.

Beautiful French Royal Names

Here are some of the most beautiful royal names with an undeniable sense of French charm and élan. 


Perhaps the ultimate name to evoke images of elegant royalty is the French word for queen.  

Reine has become popular as a girl’s name in recent years, and with good reason. Who wouldn’t want to give their little queen an advantage in life by blessing them with such a regal name that also sounds so charming when spoken aloud? 


A few variations have arisen about this popular French royal name. Some alternatives include Rain, Reina, or Raine, which has been a surname for a number of generations and is now becoming more widely used as a first name, especially for girls. 


The above name is based on the Latin term, regina, which also means queen. Fans of modern royalty will perhaps know the ER initials that signified the Queen of England, the letters standing for Elizabeth Regina, meaning Elizabeth the Queen. 

Regina has also become a popular name in recent years, perhaps inspired by names in popular culture such as the acclaimed singer-songwriter, Regina Spector. One of the pre-eminent hotels in France’s capital city of Paris is also christened Regina, and is likely the inspiration for a number of baby girls’ name choices, both in France and beyond. 


If you’re looking for the male equivalent, Roi is the French word for king. This name also evokes a sense of majesty and power. For example, a version of this regal term was used as the surname of the mighty media magnate in the popular TV series, Succession. The programme followed the lives and antics played out by the wealthy and influential  Logan Roy and his high-profile family – a highly publicized story of family dramas that the royals of France throughout the ages would be very familiar with. 


Lorraine is both a region of France and the name of the House of Lorraine, a legendary line of French royals as nobles. As such, this name denotes both French history and an undeniable regal air. 

Francis I of Lorraine with his family

Francis I of Lorraine with his family – Martin van Meytens, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

While this name also includes the ‘raine’ term which suggests queenly origins, it’s believed that Lorraine is actually an evolution of the term Lotharingia, an ancient region named after the medieval ruler Lothair I. 

There’s also reason to believe this name may also have Germanic roots, and given the French region’s proximity to German borders, this could easily be true. One suggested origin of Lorraine is the German translation of ‘famous army’, whereas others claim that it means Sea Gull. 

Whatever the origins of the beautiful French name Lorraine, its prominent appearances during the height of royal rule in France have made it a popular girl’s name for generations far beyond its region of origin.  


The Empress Joséphine is one of the most famous, beautiful and legendary regal French women. Although she was born of relatively humble origins, she rose to become an Empress, the wife of the legendary Emperor Napoleon of France. 

Her legacy has ensured that the name Joséphine, or the Anglicised version, Josephine, has become a popular name throughout the ages since the original died in 1814. 

It’s believed that the name Joséphine was a nickname coined by Emperor Napoleon, most likely related to her middle name Josèphe. Whatever her original name, she was known throughout France and the world as the famous Empress Josèphine, and her name has evoked French royalty ever since. 

Names Of French Queens

There are some beautiful French names that conjure up images of Gallic royalty not due to their origins as such, but more as references to some of the most famous or legendary queens of France. 

Some of the most beautiful names of French queens of history include; 

  • Beatrice
  • Eleanor
  • Isabella
  • Maria
  • Charlotte

These historic royal ladies have left enduring legacies of inspiring royal stories and reputations, legends that capture the imagination of parents looking for beautiful French names for their daughters, which also carry an air of regal grandeur, elegance and grace. 

Names Of French Kings

Some of the famous French kings of the ages have also bequeathed the world some beautiful names that have become imbued with the very history of France and its royal rulers. 

The most popular names of French kings include: 

  • Louis 
  • Charles
  • Robert
  • Francis
  • And of course, the iconic Napoleon. 

French Kings & Queens

The kings and queens of France have adopted a number of names that have been used for generations. The boy’s name Louis, for example, was the name of a great many French kings, more than any other name. 

So, it’s not surprising that certain names have taken on a regal connotation or an air of majestic sophistication. After so many royals ruled under these names, they eventually became associated with great sovereigns and royal houses. 

Whether you’re looking for a name that evokes the great royal legends of France, or you’re searching for a beautiful French name that has its origins in the royal history of the region, these charming, historic and regal names make for an inspiring and enchanting collection.

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