Unclaimed Noble Inheritances

Image of a castle that could be part of an unclaimed Noble inheritance

By their nature, hereditary titles were created to be passed from one generation of a Noble family to the next. As well as bestowing the title of Duke, Viscount or Lord on the next generation, these inheritances may also include unclaimed money or bank accounts, works of art, expensive jewellery, and lavish properties or other real estate and unclaimed assets.

In most cases, the ownership of these estates would pass uninterrupted from one generation to the next, and can be traced all the way from ancient Europe right up to the present day and their current beneficiaries. However, this wasn’t always the case.

Lost Inheritances

Family feuds and disputes, displaced populations and separated families, shifting geographical boundaries and political landscapes, significant historical events, poor record-keeping, limited means of communication or the simple lack of an obvious heir – these are just some of the reasons a rightful inheritance might go unclaimed.

Over time these forgotten funds, abandoned accounts, and unclaimed property could continue to go unclaimed by their rightful owners simply because they don’t know it exists or of their connection to the deceased person the assets belonged to.

Who amongst us hasn’t dreamt of discovering we’re the heir to some long lost title or wealth. Perhaps you remember family members telling stories of distant European relatives who possessed Noble Titles and great wealth or who owned large pieces of land and luxurious properties.

In this digital age, it has become easier to access common records that allow us to trace our relatives back over one or two hundred years; and there are various companies acting as unclaimed property administrators who specialise in reuniting often valuable unclaimed funds and inheritances with their rightful heirs.

However, Nobility Titles are the only company in the world capable of researching unclaimed inheritances of titles and wealth and reuniting them with the rightful descendants of the ancient European Nobility.

Today, in Spain, Italy, France and Germany there are numerous cases of unclaimed inheritances from Noble families. While these typically relate to real estate, there exist diverse and unique cases involving:

  • Castles
  • Palaces
  • Manors
  • Vineyards
  • Farms & farmlands
  • Windmills
  • Forests
  • Mines
  • Hunting lands
  • Hunting & fishing rights
  • Abandoned villages or factories
  • Gold, silver & diamonds
  • Art, jewels & porcelain
  • Ships
  • Horses
  • Old cars
  • Hunting equipment
  • Musical instruments

Inheritances from families of the European Nobility are very often completely original, frequently of substantial value, and always possess a touch of distinction that provides a rare and exclusive link to the history of some of the most prominent families in the continent’s history.

Nobility Title’s Unique Offering

For years we have worked with lawyers and legal firms around the globe to assist them with ‘forensic Geneology’ projects and locate heirs for ancient estates in Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Hungary, Romania, Poland and Slovakia. Now, for the first time, we are utilising our own records and extensive resources and expertise in connecting beneficiaries with their inheritances and offering an exclusive opportunity for individuals in the US, Canada and Australia who may believe, or who have just simply wondered if, they might be entitled to unclaimed nobility and wealth in Europe.

Nobility Titles are in the unique position of possessing an extensive private library of historical documents relating to European Noble Titles going back hundreds of years. These documents are rich with the details of legacies, wills and property registrations throughout Europe. The scientific way this data has been collated and can be accessed, combined with our database of surnames linked to possible cases of unclaimed inheritance related to Feudalism and the Nobility, allows us to connect rightful heirs with their Noble inheritances in a way no other organisation and very few government agencies can.

For a fee of €299, we will utilise all these resources to research and investigate whether an individual is linked to any of the cases of unclaimed Noble inheritances in Europe. If a connection is found, we will then facilitate an introduction between the potential heir and the appropriate lawyer or legal firm in order to progress the claim with a view to ultimately securing the inheritance.

While there are a variety of organisations that specialise in connecting individuals with their rightful inheritance, these will not include unclaimed estates of the European Nobility. We work exclusively on cases of inheritances of titles and wealth from the Nobilities of Europe – a service which no other company in the world offers.

Are You the Heir to An Unclaimed Noble Inheritance?

Discovering you are the beneficiary of any unexpected inheritance is always likely to be an interesting surprise. But receiving proof that you are the rightful heir of an unclaimed noble inheritance and now possess a hereditary Title of Nobility and the potential wealth, real estate and possessions that come with it could be truly life-changing.

Inheritances from the Noble families of Europe have the potential to be something very special. Ranks of titles such as Lord, Duke, Viscount and even Prince bestow on the beneficiary an elevated status in life and provide a strong and invaluable connection with the historical people and events of the Ancient European empire – not to mention the unique and distinguished property and possessions that typically accompany these titles. Our exclusive Unclaimed Inheritance service offers the potential opportunity to become noble and rich at the same time!

At this current time, we estimate there are approximately 3000 cases of inheritances related to European Noble Titles that are unclaimed, with potential heirs in countries such as the USA, Canada and Australia. Individuals who are seriously interested in discovering if they are connected to any of these unclaimed inheritances should get in touch using the enquiry form in the sidebar or you can contact our Geneva office directly between 10.00-19.00, Monday to Friday on +41 225 181 360.

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