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Why Become A Count?

Even within such a prestigious realm as the aristocracy, the rank of Count is very special. This ancient noble title has a very strong significance – both historically and culturally.

Although the noble title of Count has always been associated with high society and undoutted example of status, when people choose to purchase a new title and become a Count or Countess, it can help them to engage more deeply with aspects such as historical preservation and cultural connection.

So the aristocratic title of Count always has an extra layer of personal distinction, and the potential to build a rich and enduring legacy of nobility and social esteem.

Now you can enjoy the rare benefits of this distinguished title of nobility by purchasing a Count or Countess title, instantly elevating both your social status and your family lineage.


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The History Of The Count & Countess Title

This historic European Noble Title has its roots in the early Roman Empire.

The Noble Title of Count that we recognise today was derived from the French word comte – this itself originally came from the Latin comes, which was a title bestowed on high-ranking courtiers or provincial officials who were a ‘companion’ or ‘delegate’ of the emperor.

Historically, Counts were typically responsible for a specific geographic area, giving rise to the term still used today to define a local region, ‘county’.

Counts were in charge of governing civilian, and often military functions in territories on the edge of the Empire.

As an administrative position, the rank was not originally a hereditary title, but due to their close ties to large estates, many Counts were often able to pass their titles to their heirs along with their land ownership.

Despite the French origins of this Noble Title, the aristocratic title of Count was also prevalent across Germany and Italy, with the original rank in German being ‘Graf’ and Italian Count titles being among the most distinguished Titles of Nobility in the world.

The female equivalent of the Count title is that of a Countess, and it’s a rare aristocratic rank that has historically represented some of the most fascinating and esteemed noble women of the ages.


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Count Title For Sale

The sale and purchase of Count titles is far from a modern-day occurrence, with this practice often employed by monarchies as a way to raise much-needed revenue for the King’s household or to pay the wages of vast armies stationed throughout the kingdom, in order to secure their continued loyalty.

Yet, even though such rare titles do not often become available, there are occasions when those with the right connections and historical research can source Count or Countess titles for sale.

Ostlichter LTA has the ability and knowledge to research and verify genuine titles with the rank of Count from France, Germany, and Italy, and arrange the legal transfer of these ancient, hereditary titles for our clients.

We also have a proprietary system to research and classify titles by their intrinsic value. This unique system, combined with our extensive expertise, enables us to source the very best count titles available.

Along with our impeccable standards of service – suited to those who command the very best in life – our knowledge of cultural details and historical relevance have ensured our position as experts in this rarified field.


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Buying A Count Title

Discerning individuals who appreciate the prestige of these noble titles can find more details about the genuine French, German and Italian Count titles available below.

To secure your own Count title, get in touch using the enquiry form in the sidebar or you can contact our Geneva office directly between 10.00-19.00, Monday to Friday on +41 225 181 360.

Great Offers – Buy Count Title

Count Title for Sale: Exceptional Grafdom


Offer expires: December 2024

Exceptional Offer, as the Graf Title comes with the attached Dignity of Count Palatine. High Intrinsic & Historical Value.

Germanic County ready for conveyancing. A really old and ancient Feudal Title. An exceptional opportunity and a rare occasion, as these titles are very hard to come by.

It comes together with the title of Count Palatine. It is unusual that we can offer two Germanic Graf-Count Titles for this reduced fee. We recommend to the clients interested to enquire soon. Experience indicates us that we may have to wait another two years in order to be able to offer again titles of this quality and with these features.

The price is of 6900€ payable by PayPal or Bank Wire.

Legal documents shipping within in a few weeks after successful completion of the legal work and proceedings.

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Offer expires: December 2024

Not many Ancient Count Titles are nowadays in a position to be conveyed. This ancient Title with the rank of Count has a splendid value and a very interesting historical Background. In addition, the legal fees covering the transfer and legal proceedings are all inclusive as usual.

Price: 6900€ payable via PayPal or Bank Wire.

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Offer expires: December 2024

Few Left, reaching the point of unavailability.

After very careful preliminary research we can offer now this exceptional opportunity at an exceptional price. There are very few titles of French “Comte” available. It would be wise to secure one of them when it is still possible. If you feel like it, please be so kind to enquire.

Price: 6900€ payable via PayPal or Bank Wire.

Please contact us and enquire.

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