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An Eminent Italian Title Of Nobility

There are few things more evocative of opulence and elegance than the Italian Nobility of the ages.

One of the most intriguing aristocratic titles, one that has captured the imagination of historians, novelists and ordinary people around the world, is that of an Italian Count.

Who can resist the historic legacy and hint at noble wealth that surrounds those who move through society bearing the title of Count or Countess?

This ancient and legendary noble title continues to hold the allure and esteem within the modern world that it enjoyed throughout the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

And for those who appreciate the eminence inherent in such a mesmerising social rank, there is now an opportunity to join the cast of captivating Italian counts that have left their mark on the history books.


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Why Buy An Italian Count Title?

Italian Count titles appeal to individuals with a deep respect for the ancient concepts of Aristocracy, Nobility and Honour, as well as those of refined tastes who value the history, tradition and unique cultural sensitivity of the Italian arts and lifestyle.

The prestige of these Italian titles is considerable. Count Titles can also be good for business purposes, or for people wishing to extend their circle of friends and start networking in a completely different environment.

In addition, people involved in fundraising or charitable endeavours might find these titles extremely useful.

While there are many undoubted benefits to being a proud member of the famous Italian nobility, there are also those who are drawn to this opportunity as a way to reconnect with old family ties in the area, perhaps revisiting a lineage of aristocracy they discovered in their ancestry.

And of course, there are always those who feel a deep affinity with Italy’s iconic culture and history and would delight in becoming a part of this great nation’s noble classes.

The most interesting examples of this particular feudal rank typically come from the areas of Milan and Piedmont in Northern Italy, or from Sicily and Naples in the South.

The Habsburgs and the Savoys were Dukes of Milan, and the Bourbon and Habsburg noble families ruled Sicily and Naples, with many other notable and interesting families present throughout history, from all the way back in the Middle Ages up to the birth of the Italian Republic.


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History Of The Italian Count Title

The Nobility of the Kingdoms of Italy is a social class that has always been an object of fascination due to its diversity, glamour and intrigue.

As one of the highest ranks of Italian Nobility Titles, the scarcity of genuinely available Italian Counties means this distinguished Noble Title is one of the most coveted in the world.

As part of the Italian Nobility that derived its incredible wealth from a variety of origins, Counts enjoyed truly lavish lifestyles that would have been the envy of many other European Royal families.

These Italian Nobles’ enjoyment of the most luxurious lifestyles created a level of refinement and grandeur not unlike that of a royal prince, and one that is still evident today throughout the many palaces, villas and architecturally significant buildings from that time.

Famous Italian Counts

There are many examples of distinguished figures who owned Italian count titles.

The list includes;

• Famous doctors in medicine, such as Count Andrea Dotti, husband of Audrey Hepburn and a well-known psychiatrist.

• Millionaires and philanthropists in the Rothschild Family tradition, such as the Norwegian Timber heir Count Cristopher de Paus (related to the family of Count Tolstoy, the worldwide famous writer from the Russian nobility).

• Military leaders such as Ottavio Piccolomini, general of the Spanish army and Field Marshall of the Holy Roman Empire, the Counts of Tusculum, who controlled the papacy for nearly a century in the middle-ages, and Ugolino della Gherardesca, a naval officer prominently featured in Dante’s Divine Comedy.

• Political figures, such as Camillo, Count of Cavour, a Prime Minister during the 19th century, who played a key role in the Unification of Italy.

• Cultural pioneers, such as Count Pico della Mirandola, and Count of Concordia, two legendary figures of the Renaissance movement – one of Italy’s greatest cultural legacies.


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How To Buy Italian Count Titles

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