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Why Buy A German Count Title?

The Noble Counts of the German Empire hailed from an era of elite education, cultural refinement and a society where order and tradition were respected and revered.

From its early origins, the German Nobility (or Adel, to give it its proper name) was an exclusive group that dominated the social, political and economic life of the Holy Roman Empire and the German and Austrian Confederation as well as the Baltic Countries.

In more recent times, the German Counts maintained this prestigious lineage of refinement and intellectualism, whilst also enjoying the lavish lifestyles of privilege and splendour that were the hallmark of the European aristocracy.

Theirs was a time of grandeur, honour and sensitivity, a world of elegant country manor houses, cavalry colleges and military regiments stationed nearby.

This is one of the reasons why individuals with Germanic heritage or profound interest in the sociology and history of the German World typically have a high level of interest in acquiring these prestigious German nobility titles – some among the oldest titles available.

Buying a Count title is a way of honouring the legacy of their ancestors, those who belonged to the ancient aristocracy of lands such as Bavaria, Germany, the Holy Roman Empire, and many others.

Famous German Counts

Graf von Zeppelin

Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin become one of the world’s most famous German Counts courtesy of his work in inventing the pioneering airships that still bear his name.

Graf von Stauffenberg

Famed German patriot, Claus von Stauffenberg, was one of the central figures in the famous World War II assassination attempt known as Operation Valkyrie.


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A Historic German Title Of Nobility

The German noble title of count, or grafdoms, are links to a crucial period in Europe’s history and are rarefied remnants of a different age and time – precious relics of a life and social class that no longer exists.

Medieval Counts from Germany used to wear fur coats over their armour which would only reach as far as the navel and have open sides and short sleeves.

On this coat, the individual’s arms would be embroidered in gold and silver, and enamelled with beaten tin, coloured black, green, red and blue.

When Counts died they would be represented in their tombs by their coats of arms, shields, crests, helmet, supporters, mantles, orders and devices.

The rich history of these German noble titles and the individuals who held them are what make them so interesting and valuable to those who appreciate or have links to the Germany of centuries ago – making the title of Count a most prestigious and highly sought after German nobility title.


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Buying A German Count Title

With our expertise, resources and professional legal services, we are the leading organisation for securing genuine, hereditary German Count titles with proven historical authenticity.

Purchasing genuine noble or royal titles was a familiar practice with the aristocracy and royals of the ages, and in modern times, it’s a little-known route to a whole world of beneficial effects and social advantages

Choosing one of the most esteemed German titles of nobility will open new doors for you and your family members. Just imagine making table reservations or presenting your identity card bearing one of the most recognized aristocratic titles. This lifestyle awaits you when you elevate your ancestral line to that of an eminent noble family of German Counts.

These rare and prestigious noble titles are the perfect acquisition for sophisticated individuals wishing to connect with the historic German noble families – get in touch with us today to find out how you could secure your own German Count title.

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Germanic County ready for conveyancing. A really old and ancient Feudal Title. An exceptional opportunity and a rare occasion, as these titles are very hard to come by.

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