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What Is A Barony Title?

A barony is an absolute title of nobility, granting the rank of a Baron or Baroness.

The noble title of Baron is one of the most evocative ranks of the aristocratic hierarchy – calling to mind a realm of power, opulence, feudal dignities, and social esteem.

The title of Baron is also one of the oldest of all titles of nobility, dating back to the Middle Ages – the time of medieval castles, kings and lords, chivalry, honour and noble warfare. In later times, Barons were often industry leaders or wealthy patrons of the arts, giving this unique noble title a tremendous social prestige.

These esteemed ranks were usually granted to notable military men, those who showed outstanding courage, loyalty or excellence on the battlefield, and they would traditionally be granted by letters patent from the reigning monarch.

Around the world, the title of Baron has become a byword for aristocratic lineage and noble rank – from the famous Scottish barony titles that have become a hallmark of Scottish history, to the powerful Barons of Europe with their political power and royal influence.

For those who appreciate the historic value and social cachet of these esteemed noble titles, there is now an opportunity to acquire such a rare and coveted status by purchasing a genuine barony title.

Why Buy A Barony Title?

The Noble Title of Baron is the oldest rank in history and occupies a prominent position in the traditional aristocratic hierarchies in France, Italy and Germany.

The title Baron is feudal in its origin, introduced in France under the Carolingian dynasty that ruled the Holy Roman Empire from the coronation of Charlemagne on December 25, 800. The title then spread to other areas and European countries.

Derived from the Germanic word Baro, meaning warrior, the title was granted to free men of the Germanic people who would bear arms in defence of the realm.

The title could be passed on through birth, but could also be dispensed to an Empire’s Knight by an imperial grant. Barony Titles were also conveyed by sale, donation or other means, and titles could easily be bought by private arrangement.

Barons are entitled to wear a signet ring engraved with their Baronial Arms, normally a shield underneath the appropriate crown. This is a discreet symbol of the rank they hold, and they would also have their Baronial Arms carved in wood.

The title of Baron is the oldest Nobility rank in history, which gives many of these titles enormous historical value through their royal connections, genealogical importance, and geographical links to some of the most beautiful regions of Italy, France and Germany.


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Buying A Barony Title

While it can be incredibly rare to find a genuine Baron title for sale in modern times (as well as the female equivalent Baroness titles), we have classified and compiled all the baronies of Europe, so we can research the best baronial titles.

As a result, we have access to Baronies with hundreds of years of history, all of which are fully researched to confirm their accuracy, existence, and availability for transfer under all of the appropriate laws.

The titles we research and source originate in the heart of Europe, the great lands that emerged into the French, German and Italian nations that we know today. As such, they are steeped in the history of the region – a noble history that we are expertly acquainted with, along with the various cultural differences.

Baronies were normally hereditary, and we only work with Hereditary Barony Titles. We also only source and sell European Baronies – we do not sell Scottish Feudal Barony Titles, or English or Irish Baronies.

There are few remaining European baronies for sale, which only adds to their exclusivity and rarity factor, as well as their value both as a unique purchase and an investment for future generations.

Baronies are an ideal acquisition for sophisticated individuals – find out more about the genuine French, German and Italian noble titles available below.

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Great Offers

French or Italian or German Feudal Barony


Offer expires: December 2024

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French Feudal Barony and a Lordship


Offer expires: December 2024

We have got on our books an exceptionally ancient and prestigious Feudal Barony Title of an extremely rare quality and value. This territorial title has an enormous historical interest, and comes with the right to modify the coat of arms linked to the title, along with an additional Lordship attached to the title:

Coat of arms. French Barony.

We will convey this rare and unique Feudal Title through solicitors. The fee is €5,900!

Prestigious French Titles are now extremely hard to come by. However, our company has done it again. Now available on our books is an excellent quality Barony. Our Lawyers will obtain this title for you.

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Rarity: French Barony With Germanic Name


Offer expires: December 2024

French Barony With Germanic Name From Alsace or Lorraine.

Preliminary reports from our research team of historians, lawyers and genealogists suggest that there is strong evidence of a very exceptional, ancient and prestigious French-Germanic Feudal Barony Title from Alsace or Lorraine of an extremely rare quality and value that could be obtained for our clients. French Baronies with Germanic names are a rarity, and very much sought after. This title has an extremely high intrinsic value.

We will convey this rare and unique Feudal Title through solicitors to ensure your protection. The title is inheritable (as all the titles we offer), and it has a superb and truly fascinating history and background.

The price is 6,900€ by PayPal or Bank Wire.

Prestigious French-German Titles are now extremely hard to come by. However, we have done it again. Now available on our books is an excellent quality Barony. Our Lawyers will get this title for you.

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Exceptional Italian Feudal Barony and a Lordship


Offer expires: December 2024

We have in our books an absolutely illustrious and distinguished Italian Feudal Barony with exceptional features and a great historical background and style.

This title also comes with an ancient Feudal Lordship and an impressive coat of arms:

Coat of arms.

In this case, we are able to offer an extremely old and prestigious Italian Feudal Barony. The title is several hundred years old, and its grandeur is enormous, as it belonged to some of the most important families of Italy.

Price: 5900€ via PayPal or Bank Wire.

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Very Old German Barony


Offer expires: December 2024

We have now available for our customers an exceptional quality German Feudal Barony.

Our researchers have found an excellent German noble title of Baron. The legal transfer of the title is made through solicitors. The title has a very distinguished historical existence and has a very beautiful coat of arms.

GERMAN BARONY coat of arms.

Price: 5900€ payable via PayPal or Bank Wire.

Please contact us and enquire.

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