French Baronies for Sale

Image of a french baronial residence from holy roman empire

Why Buy French Barony Titles?

Ancient French Baronies are among the most prestigious titles in the world.

This French noble title is much more than a mere symbol of aristocracy or ceremonial role.

It represents the very evolution of the feudal system and the feudal rights of the nobility, along with the story of hundreds of years of France’s dynamic and spirited history.

The Feudal Baronies of France originate from the High Middle Ages, rather than the Roman Empire, and are rare and valuable remnants of the country’s past.

Even though these Baronial titles emerged from a realm of increasing power, influence, privilege and wealth, they were also founded on old-world traditions.

These French nobility titles represent a fine example of Feudalism itself, a world of refined gentlemen, devoted to the established monarch or new king, and dedicated to charitable works and enlightening enterprises.

It’s no wonder that the few genuine French Baronies for sale are in demand from people all over the world – from native French people, to ex-pats, and those with links to France or its noble families.

They are also highly sought after by businessmen, philanthropists, and of course, those who simply love French culture and the ancient history of French feudalism.

We have helped clients from all of these arenas to source the perfect French Barony to match their requirements, and we are available to do the same for you.

Based on our supreme understanding of the cultural significance and implications of purchasing a noble baronial title, we can confidently source the perfect title to meet your unique needs.


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French Barony Titles for Sale

A French Barony Title is something that sets you apart, it’s by far one of the most fascinating nobility ranks in the world.

It’s also one of the most ancient and historic, originating in the early Middle Ages alongside the very hierarchy of aristocracy that we know today.

In addition to their feudal origins and genealogical importance, these Baronies also evoke memories of an ancient regal era of continental Europe, courtesy of their royal connections and position in the French Nobility.

With geographical links to some of the most beautiful parts of France, these feudal titles occupy a unique noble status in both the story of France and its traditional aristocratic hierarchy.

Unrivalled Expertise In French Baronies

We can find and locate French Barony Titles from Normandy, Languedoc-Roussillon, Brittany, Burgundy, Alsace and Lorraine. This expertise simply can not be matched by any other provider in the world.

For those individuals who know that to buy titles of such historical relevance and rarity is an investment in both generational lineage and social elevation, we can offer a limited number of the finest examples of this aristocratic legacy.

Ostlichter LTA is in the exclusive position to find the very best French baronies because we have analysed and compiled all of the feudal baronies of France. We also operate a continuous and rigorous program of research into French Baronies.

Our resources provide us with access to genuine, hereditary French Baronies dating back hundreds of years through France’s history. So if you are interested in acquiring one of these valuable and rare French noble titles, get in touch using the enquiry form in the sidebar or you can contact our Geneva office directly between 10.00-19.00, Monday to Friday on +41 225 181 360.

Image of a French nobility residence renaissance palace of louis xiv

Famous French Barons

The history books are filled with stories of great French Barons – their adventures and influence, their lifestyles and legacies.

Perhaps one of the most famous Barons of France – one who undoubtedly left an indelible impression on the nation’s capital city – was Baron Haussmann. This legendary noble French Baron is famous for his modernisation of Paris in the mid-nineteenth century.

Another famous French Baron was Charles Louis de Secondat, the renowned political philosopher. This influential nobleman was actually a Baron twice over, bearing the titles of both Baron de La Brede and Baron de Montesquieu.

History has many more examples of illustrious French Barony holders, with many different backgrounds: bankers like Baron Rothschild (and his famous four sons) or Baron Hottinger, famous historians and educators such as Baron Coubertin, founder of the International Olympic Committee, and father of the modern Olympic Games, Emmanuel d’Astier de La Vigerie, famous politician, writer, journalist and member of the French Resistance, or famous soldiers such as Baron Jacques-Antoine-Adrien Delort, a Cavalry General who commanded a Dragoons Regiment in the Napoleonic Wars and the Battle of Austerlitz, or Baron Saint Just, Commander of the French Colonial Empire.

Great Offers

French Feudal Barony and a Lordship


Offer expires: December 2024

We have got on our books an exceptionally ancient and prestigious Feudal Barony Title of an extremely rare quality and value. This territorial title has an enormous historical interest, and comes with the right to modify the coat of arms linked to the title, along with an additional Lordship attached to the title:

Coat of arms. French Barony.

We will convey this rare and unique Feudal Title through solicitors. The fee is €5,900!

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Rarity: French Barony With Germanic Name


Offer expires: December 2024

French Barony With Germanic Name From Alsace or Lorraine.

Preliminary reports from our research team of historians, lawyers and genealogists suggest that there is strong evidence of a very exceptional, ancient and prestigious French-Germanic Feudal Barony Title from Alsace or Lorraine of an extremely rare quality and value that could be obtained for our clients. French Baronies with Germanic names are a rarity, and very much sought after. This title has an extremely high intrinsic value.

We will convey this rare and unique Feudal Title through solicitors to ensure your protection. The title is inheritable (as all the titles we offer), and it has a superb and truly fascinating history and background.

The price is of 6,900€ by PayPal or Bank Wire.

Prestigious French-German Titles are now extremely hard to come by. However, we have done it again. Now available on our books is an excellent quality Barony. Our Lawyers will get this title for you.

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To take advantage of any of these great offers, get in touch using the enquiry form in the sidebar or you can contact our Geneva office directly between 10.00-19.00, Monday to Friday on +41 225 181 360.

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