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Some of the rarest and most valuable titles we are able to source are the French-German Noble and Feudal Titles from the Rhineland region in the North of France, right on the border with Southern Germany.

A Barony from Alsace or Lorraine is highly-valued and a rare and prestigious commodity. These titles are extremely old, dating back to the middle ages, where they were held by families of immense wealth and power.

In addition, the Alsace and Lorraine regions have at different times been French and German. This makes these noble titles even more interesting and enhances their appeal, with many of these French titles having German names and having been held by families who were ennobled in both Germany and France.

Baronial dignities from the North of France are very much in demand, for several reasons, not least of which is that the Barony Titles from this area are highly desirable, mainly by German collectors, and other gentlemen of good taste. At the moment, there are not many titles in this category that can be researched, but there are still a few worthy of consideration.

The antiquity of these titles is considerable, and many of them have strong links with the Holy Roman Empire, the French Monarchy, The Duchy of Lorraine, the ancient Duchy of Bar and also, in some cases, the old dynasties from the Low Countries. Lorraine was a semi-independent feudal state that had an allegiance with France, Germany and the Holy Roman Empire before joining France. It would later be occupied by the German Empire before again falling back into the hands of France.

Therefore, as is also the case with Alsace, these Titles of Nobility possess something that no other Feudal or Noble Title offers, which is that these titles are both German and French Noble Titles, as the owners of these feudal ranks belonged both to the Nobility of Germany and the Nobility of France.

In some cases, we are even able to research Baronial Titles with a German Name, which are highly-prized, and very scarce in availability. Also, although this doesn’t happen often, if sufficient time is allowed to undertake deep research, dignities of Count with a Germanic name may be located which, while much more challenging, can still be possible.

For those with French or German ancestors, or those who admire French and German culture and civilization, this type of Noble Title could be very attractive. The sale of these types of Baronies will soon come to an end, so now is the perfect time to hire us to study and analyse one of these titles, and secure one of these wonderful pieces of history.

The prestige of the titles from Lorraine borders on the legendary, as this historical region of France was a paradise for the nobility. The Feudal Lords of Lorraine were famous across Europe for their passion for hunting – the lynx and the fox still thrive there, and shooting is very popular. Also, the region is famous for its wines, especially the very popular “Cotes de Toul” wine, as well as a number of high-quality beers and its excellent cuisine.

Lorraine has borders with Belgium, Luxemburg and Germany and is located at the very heart of Europe. The region possesses a culture that is difficult to classify as either French or German, as many German dialects are still spoken, the main one being Lorraine-Franconian. Every village still has a church and tradition dictates that the Angelus bells must ring out every day from the villages across the region.

The price range for these outstanding Titles of Nobility starts at 12000€. At the current time, we are in a position to say that no more than a dozen of these Baronies are available to be researched. If you wish to own a much sought-after French-German Feudal Barony, with all that entails, you are welcome to write to us to gain a better understanding of this opportunity. Of course, all the French-Germanic Baronial titles we work with are fully inheritable.

With our expertise, resources and professional legal services, we are the leading organisation for securing French-Germanic Baronies with proven historical authenticity. So if you are interested in acquiring one of these rare and exceptional titles get in touch using the enquiry form in the sidebar or you can contact our Geneva office directly between 10.00-19.00, Monday to Friday on +41 225 181 360.

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Rarity: French Barony With Germanic Name


Offer expires: December 2023

French Barony With Germanic Name From Alsace or Lorraine.

Preliminary reports from our research team of historians, lawyers and genealogists suggest that there is strong evidence of a very exceptional, ancient and prestigious French-Germanic Feudal Barony Title from Alsace or Lorraine of an extremely rare quality and value that could be obtained for our clients. French Baronies with Germanic names are a rarity, and very much sought after. This title has an extremely high intrinsic value.

We will convey this rare and unique Feudal Title through solicitors to ensure your protection. The title is inheritable (as all the titles we offer), and it has a superb and truly fascinating history and background.

The price is of 6,900€ by PayPal or Bank Wire.

Prestigious French-German Titles are now extremely hard to come by. However, we have done it again. Now, it is available on our books an excellent quality Barony. Our Lawyers will get this title for you.

Please contact us and enquire.

To take advantage of this great offer, get in touch using the enquiry form in the sidebar or you can contact our Geneva office directly between 10.00-19.00, Monday to Friday on +41 225 181 360.

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