Italian Baron Titles for Sale

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Why Buy An Italian Barony?

Ancient Baronial Titles are rich with historical value, offering glimpses of times long passed and the highest levels of grandeur, which is why they’re among the most prestigious legally recognised noble titles in the world.

The old Mediterranean Baronies from the Ancient Kingdoms of Italy embody all of the glamour of Italian nobles and more. They are original and historic gems offering a luxurious reflection of Europe’s past, and telling the stories of the noble families who held these esteemed feudal title ranks.

Italian Barony Titles are infused with antiquity and prestige of the highest order.

One particular feudal rank, the aged Feudal Baronies, typify the grandeur of the South of Europe, with its unique blend of influences from the Normans, the Byzantines, and the Aragonese.

Even today, those enviable living persons with connections to the hereditary titles of Italy, and those of other European royal families, inherit the captivating legend of a period of feudal tenure and ancient baronial ranks.


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Italian Barony Titles for Sale

Acquiring an Italian Barony presents the opportunity to own a true piece of history, a remnant of the last days of the medieval splendour of the Middle Ages, and a souvenir of the decadence of the Italian Renaissances.

Ostlichter LTA can claim unrivalled expertise in the sourcing and purchasing of such titles, having compiled most of the Baronies of Italy and all of the Baronies of Sicily.

Sicilian Baronies in particular are a popular investment, as these Baronies are hereditary, meaning they can be passed on to future generations.

Our knowledge, resources and unique expertise mean we are uniquely capable of researching the best Italian Baronies for our clients and facilitating their fully-legal transfer.

You can be confident that all the required legal documents and official processes will be managed by our experienced solicitors, so that you can simply enjoy planning how such a prestigious social elevation will benefit your lifestyle.

Buying An Italian Barony

You may wonder about the type of people who purchase titles of this pedigree, and we have helped clients from a range of backgrounds – Italian clients and those with ancestral links to Italy, as well as people who simply love the history and culture of Italy, such as ex-pats. We have also helped clients from the worlds of business and philanthropy.

A major advantage of choosing us to help you with your acquisition is that we are highly skilled in the cultural implications of owning an Italian Barony. This is particularly beneficial to buyers beyond Italy and Europe who may be unfamiliar with some of the important historical details or cultural nuances.

Over the many years of operating successfully in this realm, we have helped a great number of clients cement their ties to Italy and its culture with a prestigious title of nobility.

Sophisticated individuals with an interest in acquiring these prestigious Italian Nobility Titles should complete the enquiry form in the sidebar to receive more information.


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Ancient Southern Italian Baronies for Sale

By far the Best Italian Baronies are those located in the Ancient Kingdom of Naples and the Two Sicilies, as these titles are always hereditary, old, and situated within a legal framework that facilitates the clear and legal transmission of those titles.

Italian Titles are our speciality, and no one else can provide the quality and assurance of legality we offer.

There are not many titles left, and in a few years, it will become impossible to acquire this type of title.

Ancient Northern Italian Barony Title for sale

The Northern Italy Feudal Titles from Piedmont are some of the most appreciated Titles of Nobility in the whole world. These titles are extremely scarce, and not all are hereditary. As a result, they are priced differently, and their higher cost reflects the level of difficulty in finding them, although it is still possible in some cases.

Italian French Feudal Baronies from Savoy and Valtellina

In some exceptional cases, we have been able to find Barony Titles from Savoy and Valtellina, which are slightly peculiar titles as they qualify as both French and Italian. These titles typically have a much higher price and there is a different procedure for researching and securing them.


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Advantages of owning an Italian Barony Title

Italian Baronies may often have links to some of the most prestigious families of the mesmerising Italian Nobility and ancient Imperial times, originating from different regions of the Holy Roman Empire, Hungary or the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Greece, Spain, and Aragon, as well as the Balkans, the Aegean Islands, Albania or the Archipelagos of the hauntingly beautiful Adriatic Sea.

These titles are some of the most valued jewels of Europe, with highly attractive historical details. All our Italian Baronies are confirmed by the Magistracy and Deeds are notarised by Notaries and Courts.

All the titles are hereditary, with a well-documented history and interesting Coats of Arms. These titles are well-suited to Europeans or people of European descent, as the facts, history and subtleties surrounding these titles are very appealing – they possess a strange beauty and many delightful qualities that border the arcane.

Those with Italian ancestry have always found our services especially useful – we have been helping people with family ties to Italy recover their heritage for many years. Thanks to our expertise, many of these individuals have been able to obtain ancient feudal Barony Titles of significant and meaningful value to them. Those with a special love for the very rich Italian culture have also benefited from our services.

If you want to obtain information on this very rare and interesting opportunity, please follow the established protocol and get in touch. Please note that we work exclusively by application – therefore you must contact us and identify yourself properly by completing our Titles request form.

In order to obtain a full dossier with all the historical details and pertinent information, you will be required to become a registered client by paying the €299 research fee. This fee can only be paid through PayPal.

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Great Offers – Buy Italian Noble and Feudal Titles

Exceptional Italian Feudal Barony and a Lordship


Offer expires: December 2024

We have in our books an absolutely illustrious and distinguished Italian Feudal Barony with exceptional features and a great historical background and style.

This title also comes with an ancient Feudal Lordship and an impressive coat of arms:

Coat of arms.

In this case, we are able to offer an extremely old and prestigious Italian Feudal Barony. The title is several hundred years old, and its grandeur is enormous, as it belonged to some of the most important families of Italy

Price: 5900€ via PayPal or Bank Wire.

Please contact us and enquire.

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