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Lordships And Ladyships

The noble Lord and Lady titles are among the oldest and most historic titles of aristocracy.

From the medieval feudal Lords and the female equivalent of Lady, to the genteel aristocrats who bore the famous Lord of The Manor title, to the young royals granted a courtesy title of Lord, this legendary noble title carries a rich and fascinating history.

If you like the idea of living as a genuine Lord or Lady, it’s now possible to enter this rarified world of European nobles by purchasing a Ladyship or Lordship title, granting you the official rank of a real noble Lord or Lady.

Although these esteemed titles can be a fun and novel product that make for a memorable gift, they can also be your ticket to a more esteemed social status and a new noble lineage for your family.

Who wouldn’t love to join the ranks of the famous noble Lords and Ladies of history? Now you can choose to become a German, French or Italian Lord or Lady and connect your descendants with some of the greatest noble families of Europe.

A Guide To Buying A Lordship

Ostlichter LTA are able to research and acquire the most valuable and prestigious French, German and Italian Lord Titles available.

All of the titles of Lord that we acquire are real and historical Feudal and Noble Titles from France, Germany and Italy.

Every Lordship or Ladyship title we offer is fully researched to guarantee its historical existence and uniqueness.

While there are corresponding titles in English history and nobility, for example the famous Lord of the Manor titles, we only research and obtain the more exclusive, non-manorial titles of French, German and Italian Lordships.

Discerning individuals interested in acquiring a genuine French, German or Italian Lordship can find more details on the titles available below.

To secure your own Lordship, get in touch using the enquiry form in the sidebar or you can contact our Geneva office directly between 10.00-19.00, Monday to Friday on +41 225 181 360.

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Why Buy A Lord Or Lady Title?

Lord titles are intertwined with European history and the evolution of the noble classes, with the oldest Lordships in Europe coming from France and Italy and date back to many centuries ago.

The title of Lord is a Feudal Nobility Title and is the oldest noble dignity in history. Lordships are hereditary in character, meaning they can be passed on to descendants and heirs. Within the nobility hierarchy, a Lordship has a rank immediately below that of a Baron.

These titles are typically hundreds of years old and are linked to the very history of France and Italy. Many of them were at one time held by Kings, Bishops, Princes, Generals, Gentry, Nobility and Magnates, and most titles have connections to royalty.

This strong connection to French and Italian history, combined with their links to royalty is what makes these Lord or Lady titles an excellent acquisition for individuals with a keen interest in the history of these two countries.

Lord And Lady Titles For Sale

As renowned experts in the sale of both Lordship and Ladyship title packs, we are often in the position to offer Lord or Lady titles from France, Italy and Germany.

While it’s no longer necessary to pursue land ownership to become a genuine noble Lord or Lady, it is still an official legal transfer that requires the necessary expertise and knowledge of European history and culture.

Ostlichter LTA offers unparalleled expertise in the realm of honorific title changes, as well as unmatched genealogical research into the noble families of Europe. So, if you want to look into a particular honorific title, lord or lady ancestors, or even links to the royal families of history, we are experts in sourcing the perfect nobility title for your needs.


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Great Offers

New & Prestigious German Lordship


Offer expires: December 2024

Our specialist historical research has presented an exciting opportunity to secure a prestigious and unusually rare German Lordship, or Edler title.

Originating in the Middle Ages, the title of Edler is one of the earliest ranks within the legendary German Nobility.

This fascinating and historic title is comparable to that of the Landed Gentry of Europe, for example, an English Lord of the Manor, or a noble French Gentlemen.

As with all the titles we research and secure for our clients, this is a hereditary title and can be passed on to future generations, lending prestige and heritage to your family for many generations.

With its roots in the historic Middle Ages and its position within the mighty German Nobility, the title of Edler makes for a prestigious and intriguing facet of any family lineage.

Our legal experts will manage every aspect of the transfer process in accordance with the legal requirements of the relevant region, in order to secure the authentic and legal acquisition of this title.

Price: 3900€ payable via PayPal or Bank Wire.

Opportunities to secure titles of this calibre occur very infrequently, and anyone with a serious interest in obtaining one of the most unique German titles available is encouraged to contact us for more information.

French and Italian Feudal Lordships


Offer expires: December 2024

Never offered before, we are happy to offer to our clients:

  • Italian Lordship: 2400€
  • French Lordship:2400€

All included in the price.

We are capable of researching prestigious and ancient Historical Feudal Lordships, hundreds of years old, full of history and grandeur, from Italy and France. French Lords were some of the most distinguished aristocrats of Europe. Italian lords were also among the most ancient and notable. Now, we offer for the first time ever the possibility to research and obtain the property of old and prominent Feudal Lordships, and at an excellent price.

All Lordships are payable via PayPal or Bank Wire. This is an excellent opportunity. If you wish to take advantage of this very special promotion, please contact us and enquire. This offer is limited, so prompt action is necessary in order to avoid disappointment.

French Feudal Barony and a Lordship


Offer expires: December 2024

We have got on our books an exceptionally ancient and prestigious Feudal Barony Title of an extremely rare quality and value. This territorial title has an enormous historical interest, and comes with the right to modify the coat of arms linked to the title, along with an additional Lordship attached to the title:

Coat of arms. French Barony.

We will convey this rare and unique Feudal Title through solicitors. The fee is €5,900!

Prestigious French Titles are now extremely hard to come by. However, our company has done it again. We now have available on our books an excellent quality Barony. Our Lawyers will obtain this title for you.

Payable via PayPal or Bank Wire

The process is simple. Book your title now. Transferred through Solicitors to safeguard your protection. No hidden charges. A French Barony plus a Feudal Lordship is indeed an outstanding opportunity.

Please contact us and enquire.

A French Viscount (Vicomte), plus a Feudal Lordship


Offer expires: December 2024

Now we can offer a very rare opportunity to our customers.

  • French Feudal Title of Vicomte (Viscount)
  • French Feudal Lordship (Seigneurie)

Our researchers have found preliminary evidence of an extremely rare French noble and Feudal Title with the prestigious rank of Viscount that could be transferred, together with an ancient Feudal Lordship. This title is several centuries old and has an extremely beautiful coat of arms.

A French Viscount coat of arms.

The title will be transferred through solicitors; Very good historical Value. These rare relics of Feudalism are ever scarcer to find. Not many left like this one.

This particular Viscountcy, a magnificent example of French feudalism, is offered at the discounted and reduced rate of 5900€ payable via PayPal or Bank Wire.

Please contact us and enquire.

Exceptional Italian Feudal Barony and a Lordship


Offer expires: December 2024

We have in our books an absolutely illustrious and distinguished Italian Feudal Barony with exceptional features and a great historical background and style.

This title also comes with an ancient Feudal Lordship and an impressive coat of arms:

Coat of arms.

In this case, we are able to offer an extremely old and prestigious Italian Feudal Barony. The title is several hundred years old, and its grandeur is enormous, as it belonged to some of the most important families of Italy

Price: 5900€ via PayPal or Bank Wire.

Please contact us and enquire.



Offer expires: December 2024

We offer now an ancient and prestigious French Marquisate, along with two feudal Lordships. Available Marquisates are extremely rare, and we cannot guarantee we will have many more obtainable titles like this one.

Preliminary research indicates that this exceptionally ancient and prestigious Marquisate is of an extremely rare quality and value. This territorial title has an enormous historical interest.

Our solicitors can convey this well-researched and prominent title to you.

Customers unwilling to identify themselves properly will not be taken into consideration.

The price for this excellent package is only 7900€, payable by PayPal or Bank Wire.

Please contact us and enquire.

To take advantage of any of these great offers, get in touch using the enquiry form in the sidebar or you can contact our Geneva office directly between 10.00-19.00, Monday to Friday on +41 225 181 360.

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