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Ancient & Legendary German Lordships

The great German Lordships have historically been among the most ancient and legendary aristocratic titles of Europe.

In Germany, Lord Titles are usually described as “Edler”, though they can also be called “Herr” or “Edler Herr”. As such, a German Lordship is sometimes called “Herrschaft”, which historically refers to authority, rule or territory -the hallmarks of an aristocratic rank.

Throughout the centuries of the Middle Ages and beyond, German Lordships were often linked to castles or grand estates scattered across the vast and ever-changing territories of the ancient Germanic lands of Europe.

For those with an affinity for this unique facet of European nobility, it is now possible to purchase a genuine German Lordship and become a part of this enduring and captivating social class.

Lordship Titles For Sale

As experts in the sourcing and transfer of genuine titles of nobility, we are in a unique position to research Lordships from the different Germanic lands, from Alsace to Galitzia, covering many areas of Europe, including the former territories of Prussia and the Holy Roman Empire.

German Lordships appeal to many people with varied backgrounds, connecting them to central Europe and German culture, as well as those who already claim German roots.

We are skilled at researching existing family connections with the noble lines of Europe, for those interested in genealogical links, or perhaps legal privileges or a family coat of arms.

Whether you want a historic connection or a new noble lineage, a German Lordship can link you and your descendants with many of the richly historic areas of Europe – both the modern nations and the ancient realms, such as Bohemia (now Czech Republic), Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Austria, Silesia (Poland and Germany), Prussia (Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Baltic Countries, Germany), German Baltic Nobility, along with former territories such as Courland and Livonia.


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The History Of German Lordship Titles

Within the German Nobility (known as Adel throughout the Germanic kingdoms), the noble title of Edler is one of the most ancient ranks of the aristocracy.

It is often likened to the rank and position of a Lord within the British noble hierarchy, similar to Esquire or the Landed Gentry.

With such a longstanding heritage, the titles of Edler have varied in their specific details over the centuries.

For example, some ancient German Noble families only adopted the title of Edler a while after they were ennobled. It’s believed this was to distinguish them from ‘newer’ nobility.

The term ‘edler’ actually stems from the German word for noble, which is edel. The position of an Edler within the aristocratic hierarchy is below that of a noble Knight or Ritter in German, but ranking above untitled or ministerial nobles.

The specific claims, property and duties of the German title of Edler also varied during the evolution of the German aristocratic system.

While German lord titles were a noble hereditary feudal title, it was sometimes linked to land or estates, but often the title did not include any feudal property or rights.

The stories behind the German Lords and Landed Gentry tell the very history of Germany, positioned as they were in a rare crossover between the elite and powerful aristocracy, and the everyday people and peasants in the towns and villages.

This makes these esteemed German noble titles a fascinating addition to any family history, particularly those with strong ties to the Germanic Kingdoms and their vast territories.


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A Powerful & Intriguing Nobility

The Edler Nobility Title is a hereditary aristocratic rank, a rare and intriguing remnant of the German Nobility.

These very prestigious German nobility titles are extremely valuable, both in terms of historic interest and their exclusivity within European and International social circles

The German Nobility was one of the most powerful and elite social orders throughout the entire history of Medieval Europe, dominating the land, politics and social classes of the time.

While the official classes of the aristocracy were abolished in Germany over a century ago, at the turn of the 20th century, the noble titles are still regarded with considerable esteem in many of the European countries that hold links or ancestral ties to Germany and the Holy Roman Empire.

For example, the British Royal Family has very strong ancestral links with German Royalty, most notably the connection fostered by the marriage of Queen Victoria and her German husband Albert in 1840.

With their proximity to the mighty German Royalty, as well as the higher-ranking aristocrats within the nobility, the ancient titles of Edler hold an enchanting place in the story of Germany.

Though they may no longer confer grand country homes or rural estates, this outstanding example of a rare German noble title makes for an impressive and intriguing status symbol for those who appreciate the richest strands of German history or value the eminence of ancient heritage.

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Great Offer

New & Prestigious German Lordship


Offer expires: December 2024

Our specialist historical research has presented an exciting opportunity to secure a prestigious and unusually rare German Lordship, or Edler title.

Originating in the Middle Ages, the title of Edler is one of the earliest ranks within the legendary German Nobility.

This fascinating and historic aristocratic title, is comparable to that of the Landed Gentry of Europe, for example, an English Lord of the Manor, or a noble French Gentlemen.

As with all the noble and royal titles that we research and secure for our clients, this is a hereditary title and can be passed onto future generations, lending prestige and heritage to your family for many generations.

With its roots in the historic Middle Ages and its position within the mighty German Nobility, the title of Edler makes for a prestigious and intriguing facet to any family lineage.

Our legal experts will manage every aspect of the transfer process in accordance with the legal requirements of the relevant region, in order to secure the authentic and legal acquisition of this title.

Price: 3900€ payable via PayPal or Bank Wire.

Opportunities to secure titles of this calibre occur very infrequently, and anyone with a serious interest in obtaining one of the most unique German titles available is encouraged to contact us for more information.

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