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Join The Ranks Of The French Nobility

From the ancient feudal kings to the grandeur of Versailles and the Renaissance, through the tumultuous French Revolution to the modern republic, the history of France has captivated people all around the world, and the French Nobles have been at the heart of this great nation’s evolution.

Among the established French nobility titles, the rank of Marquis carries a uniquely distinguished air of elegance and esteem.

Now you can buy this rare and fascinating French noble title and become a genuine Marquis within one of Europe’s most captivating aristocracies.

Whether you are descended from an ancient French king or noble lord, you own land in France and wish to elevate your status in the locality, or you’d simply enjoy the prestige of bearing one of the most historic French titles of nobility, you can now join the lofty ranks of the French Nobility with a genuine Marquis title.

Why Buy A French Marquis Title?

A French Marquis title is a high-ranking title in the rich world of French Nobility. There is only one rank between a Marquis and the royal family – the realm of kings and the prince du sang. As such, these rare and valuable French noble titles are highly coveted and possess an air of dignified grandeur.

A genuine French Marquis title elevates you and your family to an esteemed rank of aristocracy, taking a place in history alongside the most notable French noble families and the original bearers of these titles.

It is indeed the Title of Nobility that best embodies and symbolises French absolutism, La Noblesse, and the “Ancien Regime”.

The term Marquis originates from the Old French word marchis, which meant ‘ruler of a border area’, and derived from marche, the French word for frontier.

This Noble Title distinguished the holder as a governor of frontier territories – often more strategically important to the Empire than the safer, inner provinces – and gave them a prominent role in the French Royal Court and among the feudal nobility.

As a result, these titles were often held by some of the most important political and military figures in French history, which means available Marquisates always represent an important, magnificent and decadent piece of ancient French history.

When you purchase a French Marquisate, you become a part of this rich and fascinating history, one that stems from the finest characters of military excellence and noble service.

Famous French Marquis Title Owners

History and literature are full of notable nobles bearing the French Marquis title. Some of the more famous examples include;

• Marquis of Lafayette, the French Aristocrat who left his mark in the history books as a key player in both the American and French Revolutions.

• Marquis de Montcalm was another French nobleman who rose to prominence as a result of his military efforts during the Seven Years’ War of the 18th century.

• Marquis de Condorcet, an eminent French Marquis who became a notable figure in the Age of Enlightenment, courtesy of his liberal and forward-thinking ideas and proposals.

• Marquis de Sade – the infamous French writer who shocked society with his scandalous behaviour and literary works.


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Why Choose Us To Buy Your Nobility Title?

We are the only firm in Europe able to locate hereditary French Marquisates from the different regions and noble lands of France.

Whatever the origin of these noble ranks, the sale and transfer of these titles and their inherent honour is nothing new. In fact, the selling of noble titles was a familiar practice to even the highest-ranking royals and nobles of the ages.

The Marquisate D’Acy, originally granted in 1668 by Louis XIV, was sold mere decades later in 1719. And in 1635, Louis XIII approved The Marquisate of Bellenave which was then sold in 1771.

Ostlichter LTA are world-renowned experts in the history of European titles of nobility, having amassed many decades of experience in researching and sourcing noble titles for sale.

With our expertise, resources and professional legal services, we are the leading organisation for securing these highly-sought after Noble Titles. We also possess a wealth of expertise in the field of aristocratic genealogy, along with the essential sensitivities to cultural history and nuances.

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