The Nobility of Sicily and Naples

Jun 5, 2018 | Noble Titles, Royal Titles

Italian Noble Titles.

The Nobility of Sicily and Naples is probably one of the oldest nobilities of the world, and also one of the most interesting both in terms of grandeur, prestige and history.

Why is it so?

The reasons why this is one of the best nobilities of Europe are:

  1. Most of the titles from Sicily and Naples are hereditary and inheritable, which is always an asset.
  2. This nobility had enormous and more than significant historical ties with Spain, Austria, France and the Holy Roman Empire. Many Kings of Spain were also Kings of Sicily and Naples. Also, some French Kings were Kings of Sicily and Naples. Also, the relationship of this nobility with the Austrian Habsburg Dynasty was very important.
  3. These titles always come with hereditary Coats of Arms, and there is always a substantial amount of historical information about these titles if they are well researched.
  4. The legal framework for the transmission of these very much sought-after titles of nobility is extremely favourable to the transmission and disposition of titles.
  5. There is a wide range of titles available by rank, as it is indeed possible nowadays to research Lordships, Baronies, Marquisates, Duchies and Principalities.
  6. The Kingdom of Sicily and Naples was the biggest kingdom of Italy before the unification, and was part of the Spanish, French and Austrian Empire, as well as an independent State.
  7. It does have some wonderful relationships with the crusades era as the nobility of Sicily and Naples was very much involved in all matters pertaining to the Holy Land.
  8. This wonderful southern nobility had lots of historical relationships with the Byzantine Empire and the Crusades, and also with some descendants of Byzantine Noble families.
  9. It is without doubt the most prestigious and oldest Italian Nobility.

Italian Noble TitlesActually, if you are indeed interested in acquiring an Italian title, your best bet by far is one of these magnificent titles of nobility, because they have all one could wish: hereditability, a rich history, antiquity, good heraldry, and a grandeur and prestige far beyond the ordinary.

Also, the way of life of the Sicilian and Neapolitan Nobility was one of the highest of the world. They owned immense neoclassic villas, delightful gardens, and possessed a kind of special refinement and elegance which is very difficult to classify. Also, they were in a privileged geographical position.

The enormous wealth of the Nobility of Sicily and Naples came basically from the ownership of land, but also from the rich trade with Africa, the Near East and Spain. The Commercial Routes with the Ottoman Empire, Tunisia, Egypt, and Spain gave these noblemen a vast wealth, as well as more luxury products than any other people in Europe.

Tobacco, Silk, Species, Precious Metals and Precious Stones were typical products of the trade of this kingdom. There is to say also that the nobility of Sicily and Naples was highly intermixed with the Spanish Nobility. As said before, if you like Italian titles of nobility, this would be without doubt your best option, by any standard.

Please, feel free to enquire about one of those wonderful noble titles and we will be happy to help you gain the possession of one of these jewels.


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