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Jun 7, 2019 | Noble Titles, Royal Titles

French Title of Duke.

After careful investigation we are proud to announce that our researchers have indicated that a French Title of Duke might be available soon for our distinguished clients.

This fact is completely unusual, and probably we will not be able to offer something like this for a very long time.

The Title of Duke in France (Duc) is one of the most important titles of the French nobility, dating back to the middle ages, when it was created by the ancient kings of France. Some Dukes were Princes of blood (French: princes du sang), and there is to mention that some titles of Duke were in some exceptional cases attributed to some princes of the royal family.

During the ancient regime, the owner of a duchy was an important political figure. Even some Dukes such as the Dukes of Orleans ascended the throne with Louis XII in the fifteenth century and Louis Philippe in the nineteenth century. The descendants of the family are the "Orleanist" suitors to the throne, and candidates to him in case of a monarchical restoration in France. The holder of this title used the style of Serene Highness.

Now we proceed with the description of the title that our researchers have researched in a preliminary way. Those wishing a full dossier with the name of the title, complete research, etc, must pay the 299€ research and registration fee.

The origins of this title are in a feudal site of located in the present territory of the Loire Region.

The first important historical reference is that in the IX century, a Bishop established a fiefdom in that place in the Loire, under the reign of the Carolingian Emperor Louis I. That prelate, belonging to a noble family, had lived in the Court of Charlemagne during his childhood.

In the 13th century, during the reign of Philip III, King of France of the Capetus Dynasty, the fiefdom was given strategic importance in the protection of Paris. A Constable of France and therefore Royal Officer to the control of the French armies, recommended, as was done, the construction of a fortress. Not far from the mouth of the Loire, it was considered a prone place for an English invasion to advance towards Paris.

His predictions were fulfilled and during the Hundred Years War, that place was besieged and conquered by England in 1361. Consequently, the place has a historical relationship with England.

Also, our researchers have the possibility to uncover all the historical specifics of the Duke title, including very good information about the family that owned the title, the title itself, the location, related titles, etc. Offers in excess of 25000€ will be considered.

We have all the details pertaining to the heraldry of the title.

The title has an enormous intrinsic value and, more important, it is very rare and unusual and therefore much more difficult to find than a normal title.

At the present time this Duchy is more than three hundred and fifty years old, that is to say, nothing more and nothing less than almost four centuries of existence. But the antiquity of the title as a County, is more than four hundred, as a Barony is more than four hundred and twenty, and as a Lordship more than seven centuries. All this is something that speaks for itself, as it is almost impossible today to locate a title with these characteristics.

  • Its Feudal site has a connection to England, which dominated the site during the Hundred Years War.
  • It was granted by a Sovereign of the House of Bourbon, one of the most powerful of its time. The House of Bourbon has been by far one of the most important dynasties in the history of Europe and the world, which still reigns today in Spain. In particular, Louis XIV was the most powerful Sovereign of his time.
  • It is no less than a title of Duke, which brought the dignity of Peer of France.
  • Its award rewarded virtues such as loyalty and fidelity, so it is associated with the trajectory of a successful man in life.


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