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The title of French Duke (Duc) is one of the rarest and most important titles of the French Nobility, originally created in the Middle Ages by the ancient Kings of France. As an indication of just how prestigious this Noble Title was, in the sixteenth century, the Ancient Book of Justice declared that:

“The first dignity is that of Duke…”

In the context of the French aristocracy, a Duke would traditionally be the holder of a Duchy – a territorial fiefdom that the King recognised and afforded the prestigious title and rank of Duke.

The Duke was an important political figure in the Ancient Regime, and the duties of a Duke could range from managing the King’s shires to organising the nation’s armies. This title was often bestowed in recognition of loyalty and fidelity, and so frequently represents a story of success, achievement, advancement and regal favour.

Unfortunately, French Duke Titles are currently unavailable and unlikely to be available again, but below you can find a list of the Noble Titles we are currently able to research.

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