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Why Become An Italian Duke?

Acquiring the rank and title of an Italian Duke is an eminent connection both to the ancient history of Italian nobles and the evolution of the aristocracy itself.

Even though only sovereigns (or rulers of papal states) granted titles such as dukedoms, the rank of Duke has historically been comparable to the kings and princes of the ages. Many of Italy’s great ducal families enjoyed levels of wealth and splendour that would have been the envy of some of Europe’s royal families.

It’s easy to imagine that attaining the esteemed rank of Duke was a fervent wish for many noble families throughout history, and the fascination and interest in this unique rank of nobility has endured to modern times.

While there is a keen demand for genuine Italian Dukedoms, these historic noble titles are becoming incredibly scarce, so much so that the only hereditary duchies left in Italian territory are some feudal titles in Sicily.

This rarity only serves to enhance the appeal and value of owning such a supreme example of Italian titles of nobility, and also ensures it will be a sound investment for many generations to come.


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The History Of Italian Dukes

Italian Duke titles have a rich and fascinating history as part of the Italian Nobility, spanning the days of the Holy Roman Empire up until the Unification of Italy (the Risorgimento) in 1871.

Many of the Italian Ducas of the Middle Ages were actually fully sovereign Dukes, reigning over their vast and beautiful territories alongside their elegant Duchessas. Many Italian Dukes were granted their dukedom and sovereignty from the various Popes during the centuries of Papal power.

The stories of these Italian Duchies are intertwined with the history of Europe, often linked to the most important historical events, infamous characters, and European royal families.

The Viscontis of Milan, The Medicis of Florence and the Estes of Modena in Northern Italy were all sovereign ducal families that played pivotal roles in Italy’s history, as well as the larger story of Europe, international trade, and the developing world.

Acquiring this particular feudal rank and becoming an Italian Duke offers a unique connection not only with Italian royal families and the feudal nobility, but with the history of Western civilisation.

Famous Italian Dukes

Some examples of notable Italian royal dukes include Duke Cosimo de Medici, of the iconic Medici dynasty who became Grand Duke of Tuscany; Duke Ludovico Sforza, Duke of Milan and famous patron of the arts during the Renaissance; and Duke Federico de Montefeltro, another key figure during the famous Italian Renaissance and its influence around the world.


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Ancient Feudal Duchies

Royal Sovereign Duchies are not available anymore, but a few Ancient Feudal Duchies can still be located. These Duchies possess impressive profiles, links with Italian and other European royal families, and rich histories, as well as an enviable and very high intrinsic value due to the fact that these hereditary Italian nobility titles are extremely rare.

The only available hereditary Italian Duchies in Italy were typically granted by Habsburgs and Bourbons in the Ancient Kingdom of Sicily and Naples in Southern Italy.

In modern times, the scarcity of Italian Duchies leads many to believe that the opportunity to possess one of these highly-coveted titles may very soon disappear altogether. Our unrivalled resources mean we are one of the very few companies with the capability to research genuine, hereditary Italian Duke titles from the most influential times in Italy’s history.

We are also able to source titles to meet bespoke demands, such as a requirement for title inheritable along the female line, or those from particular Italian states, or perhaps a title with a history of feudal tenure.

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