German Count Title for Sale

Aug 3, 2018 | Noble Titles, Royal Titles

German Count Title for Sale.

German Count Titles are called Grafdoms and the original rank in German is Graf. Our company is well equipped to analyse the options available to those who wish to acquire the dignity and title of a German Count.

With origin in the ancient lands of the former German Empires, we are in the exceptional position to research Feudal Count Titles.

Obviously, all our German Grafdoms have the virtue of being hereditary, so you can pass the title to your descendants. The fee for locating such a title is of 299€, and the legal costs of obtaining the property of such a feudal title are of 8000-9000€.

German Counts enjoyed generally a lavish lifestyle that was one of the referents and hallmarks of the Belle Époque.

Our Graf Titles are normally hundreds of years old, and are researched and studied with care and detail.

There is to say that the availability of this type of noble and feudal title is very much scarce, as the amount of titles with the necessary requirements to be properly transferred is limited to say the least.

However, there are still a few possibilities, and a reduced group of titles can still be obtained. These ancient titles have usually links to crucial parts of the history of Europe, and are indeed relics of a different age and time, a symbol of a life that does not exist anymore. Counts in Germany used to wear pearl circlets and gilt spurs. Kings and princes and many german noblemen when they died they were represented in their tombs with their coats of arms, shields, crests, helmet, supporters, mantles, orders and devices.

In Medieval times they used to wear furcoats over their armour, reaching only to the navel, open at the sides, with short sleeves. On this coat were the arms of the person embroidered in gold and silver, and enamelled with beaten tin, coloured black, green, red and blue.

Our company excels at the process of locating and researching ancient German Grafdoms. The holders of these German feudal titles were people who often possessed high and different moral values and goals, of a certain charm, sensitivity and even mysticism and discipline. These Lords led a life based on a far more enchanting set of principles, tenets and beliefs. This high level of intellectualism, refinement and education, which was the very fabric of the society of another age, is still very much admired.

This is one of the reasons why people with Germanic upbringings or interested profoundly in the sociology and history of the German World have usually a good deal of interest in acquiring this kind of noble titles. It is a very noble way of honouring the legacy of their ancestors, the ones who belonged to the ancient aristocracy of lands such as Bavaria, Germany, Holy Roman Empire, and many others.

When one thinks about the German Empire and their wonderful noble titles, one cannot avoid visualising images of ancient country manor houses, cavalry colleges, regiments stationed nearby, and a very well educated society where order and tradition were revered almost religiously.

We do research the best German titles of nobility currently available in Europe. It is your decision now.


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