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The German Nobility & Germanic Lands of Europe

Most people are familiar with the modern-day nation of Germany and its borders, but over the centuries the Germanic lands of Europe were a much broader and ever-changing group of territories.

These include the legendary lands of Prussia, Austria and the Holy Roman Empire.

By purchasing a genuine German noble title, you are instantly connected to one of the most legendary and esteemed aristocracies of Europe.

Experts in Germanic Noble Titles

Ostlichter LTA are esteemed and experienced experts in sourcing some of the most historic and exclusive titles of nobility within Europe. We are able to research and source titles from the range of Germanic lands, including Prussia and the Holy Roman Empire.

After many years of working in these rarified realms, we are also highly skilled in managing the ethical and legal complexities of German titles.

Interactive Holy Roman Empire Map

Use our interactive map below and click the crowns or the titles from the menu to navigate around the Holy Roman Empire and the different ranks available.

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Who Can Buy German Titles of Nobility?

In the past, only those of certain rank or birth origin could inherit or acquire a genuine title within the German Nobility, but now it’s possible for anyone with the relevant know-how and means to purchase their very own aristocratic title.

People from any nation can buy a German title, and we have helped numerous clients from within Germany as well as those from Switzerland, Hungary, and Austria to join these prestigious noble ranks.

We can also claim a rare degree of expertise in helping people with German ancestry. We’re also experienced in helping central-European people or those with central-European roots to obtain titles with some Germanic background, such as people with ancestors from Bohemia, Poland, Russia, Baltic Countries, Ukraine, Slovakia, and Hungary.

We also help numerous clients from further afield, such as ex-pats and those from beyond Europe who simply feel a strong bond to German culture and its noble history.

Whatever your interest or connection with the ancient Germanic titles, we can elevate your modern-day status to the glorious past with an esteemed title of German nobility.


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Buying A German Nobility Title

Genuine German Aristocratic Titles represent an incredible opportunity for discerning individuals with an appreciation for their history and exclusivity. Find out more about the available German titles for sale, below.

Contact us today to secure your very own German Title of Nobility. Simply complete the enquiry form in the sidebar or get in touch with our Geneva office directly between 10.00-19.00, Monday to Friday on +41 225 181 360.

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The Story of German Nobility Titles

The story of the German Nobility, correctly referred to using its original name Adel, is one that started centuries ago and was all but ended on the 11th of August 1919 with the formation of the Weimar Republic.

For hundreds of years, various historic entities, from the Holy Roman Empire to the German Confederation and ultimately the German Empire, had bestowed Noble Titles on individuals.

However, with the formation of the Weimar Republic, all legal privileges of the royalty and nobility were abolished, with no further Noble Titles conferred by the Federal Republic of Germany.

But this isn’t in fact where the story of German Nobility ends.

While German Nobles could no longer enjoy the same privileges, hereditary titles were still permitted to be used, passed on to heirs, or even sold; and as a social class that was an elite group that dominated the social, economic and political life throughout the region, it’s hardly surprising that German Noble Titles are still just as popular amongst historians and enthusiasts today.

The Enduring Value Of German Noble Titles

The status of the German Noble Titles is immense.

This is why, even today, wealthy industrialists eager to move up through the ranks of society are prepared to spend lavish amounts of money to obtain these titles, with a view to arranging powerful marriage alliances.

In the past, many a nobility title would be owned by very powerful German figures such as members of the Electoral College of Princes of the Holy Roman Empire, or distinguished landowners, high-ranking military officers and Prussian Junkers.

Many German Noble Title owners possessed immense feudal estates near the eastern borders of the empire, such as the Balkans, Hungary, Poland, Austria, Slovenia, the Baltic Countries or Ukraine and Romania.

With a belief in their own superiority, the typical German noble family were traditionally rich and powerful, benefiting from the respect that this afforded them, as well as the reputation established by their ancestors, when it came to advancing their agendas.

The most common German Noble Title were Baronies. These were also the oldest titles, and they had close military ties, with many young Barons choosing the duty and honour of a military career.

German Count and Prince titles are also available, but naturally, these are much more scarce and have a higher intrinsic value due to their rarity and position in the aristocratic hierarchy.

Our resources and research capabilities are unrivalled when it comes to sourcing genuine, hereditary German titles for our clients or their family members, and securing their proper and legal transfer.


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Great Offers – Browse our current collection of German Royal Titles & Nobility Titles



Offer expires: December 2024

German Duke titles are a rarity, but our research has uncovered an impressive title we are now able to make available.

As one of the highest noble ranks, this German Duchy has immense prestige & value, along with a historical pedigree that will be of high value to those who understand its importance.

With such a high intrinsic value and historical importance, this German Duke title represents a rare and significant opportunity.

Price is 10900€ payable via PayPal or Bank Wire.

Please contact us and enquire.

New & Rare German Viscount


Offer expires: December 2024

Our extensive library of historical information and expert research skills have uncovered a unique opportunity to secure a highly unusual Noble Title – a German Viscount, or BurgGraf.

The title of BurgGraf is a prestigious aristocratic rank within the historic German Nobility.

Comprising the German words for castle or large estate (Burg) and Count (Graf), the position of BurgGraf is widely regarded to be comparable to that of a Viscount, and is an esteemed Noble Title that would typically suggest significant property ownership.

BurgGraf was traditionally a hereditary title and, like all the titles we research, this title can be passed to descendants – lending an air of prestige and exclusivity to your family’s future generations.

This rare title holds a rich and fascinating history, which makes the possession of this highly regarded BurgGraf title a valuable and impressive link to one of the world’s most powerful and legendary aristocracies.

The secure and authentic transfer of this interesting and unique title is assured by the services of our experienced legal specialists, who will manage all aspects of the acquisition process.

Price: 4900€ payable via PayPal or Bank Wire.

This is an example of a rare and exceptional German Noble Title and, as one that is not often available, we would encourage any genuinely interested parties to contact us for more details.

New & Prestigious German Lordship


Offer expires: December 2024

Our specialist historical research has presented an exciting opportunity to secure a prestigious and unusually rare German Lordship, or Edler title.

Originating in the Middle Ages, the title of Edler is one of the earliest ranks within the legendary German Nobility.

This fascinating and historic title is comparable to that of the Landed Gentry of Europe, for example, an English Lord of the Manor, or a noble French Gentlemen.

As with all the titles we research and secure for our clients, this is a hereditary title and can be passed on to future generations, lending prestige and heritage to your family for many generations.

With its roots in the historic Middle Ages and its position within the mighty German Nobility, the title of Edler makes for a prestigious and intriguing facet of any family lineage.

Our legal experts will manage every aspect of the transfer process in accordance with the legal requirements of the relevant region, in order to secure the authentic and legal acquisition of this title.

Price: 3900€ payable via PayPal or Bank Wire.

Opportunities to secure titles of this calibre occur very infrequently, and anyone with a serious interest in obtaining one of the most unique German titles available is encouraged to contact us for more information.

French or Italian or German Feudal Barony


Offer expires: March 2024

We advise you to analyse this carefully and contact us at your earliest convenience, as this offer at this price is only possible due to unexpected circumstances and it is not likely to last due to the exceptionally good price of the offer. If you want the practical advantages, prestige and personal benefit associated with the ownership of a title and belonging to the feudal aristocracy, this is a very good occasion to do so. Time is of the essence.

This offer expires next March when it will be deleted from our website. Please contact us and enquire.

Count Title for Sale: Exceptional Grafdom


Offer expires: December 2024

Exceptional Offer, as the Graf Title comes with the attached Dignity of Count Palatine. High Intrinsic & Historical Value.

A rare Germanic County ready for conveyancing. As a really old and ancient Feudal Title, this is an exceptional opportunity and a rare occasion, as these titles are very hard to come by.

It comes together with the title of Count Palatine. It is unusual that we can offer two Germanic Graf-Count Titles for this reduced fee. We recommend to the clients interested that they enquire soon. Experience indicates to us that we may have to wait another two years in order to be able to offer again titles of this quality and with these features.

The price is of 6900€ payable by PayPal or Bank Wire.

Legal documents ship within a few weeks after the successful completion of legal work and proceedings.

Please contact us and enquire.

Rarity: French Barony With Germanic Name


Offer expires: December 2024

French Barony With Germanic Name From Alsace or Lorraine.

Preliminary reports from our research team of historians, lawyers and genealogists suggest that there is strong evidence of a very exceptional, ancient and prestigious French-Germanic Feudal Barony Title from Alsace or Lorraine of an extremely rare quality and value that could be obtained for our clients. French Baronies with Germanic names are a rarity, and very much sought after. This title has an extremely high intrinsic value.

We will convey this rare and unique Feudal Title through solicitors to ensure your protection. The title is inheritable (as all the titles we offer), and it has a superb and truly fascinating history and background.

The price is 6,900€ by PayPal or Bank Wire.

Prestigious French-German Titles are now extremely hard to come by. However, we have done it again. Now available on our books is an excellent quality Barony. Our Lawyers will get this title for you.

Please contact us and enquire.



Offer expires: December 2024

We have now available for our customers an exceptional quality German Feudal Barony.

Our researchers have found an excellent German noble title of Baron. The legal transfer of the title is made through solicitors. The title has a very distinguished historical existence and has a very beautiful coat of arms.

GERMAN BARONY coat of arms.

Price: 5900€ payable via PayPal or Bank Wire.

Please contact us and enquire.

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