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The noble title of BurgGraf is an aristocratic rank in the hierarchy of German Nobility. This legendary social class, referred to as Adel in the German language, was one of the most historic and powerful systems of nobility to emerge from the European Middle Ages.

So, the title of BurgGraf is significant amongst German Noble Titles and carries with it an integral connection to the history of Germany’s aristocracy throughout the ages, and its position in the middle ranks of that powerful social system reflects the esteem and influence that bearers of this title would have undoubtedly enjoyed.

As a German nobility title, BurgGraf literally translates as a ‘castle count’, and this suggests the type of privileges, bestowals and responsibilities entailed within this noble rank. A BurgGraf would historically have been the owner of a castle, though the rank may also include those who owned larger estates and territories, such as an entire village or town.

This level of nobility and influence of these German titles is comparable to that of a Count or Viscount within the other European systems of aristocracy, in that they also represented the owner of a significant territory, such as a borough (also called burg), or a county, (the origin of the title of Count). Typically, however, a BurgGraf is generally equated more with a Viscount when compared to the noble systems of France, Italy, England and Spain etc.

The title of BurgGraf is a hereditary German noble title, meaning it would be passed down through the generations from father to sons and noble family heirs. These types of hereditary titles often endured for many generations, gathering rich histories and legends from their noble ancestors as the next generation took on the title and brought their own personalities and influence to the role. As such, this type of ancient hereditary title from the powerful middle ranks of the German Nobility will undoubtedly bear a fascinating history, not only of the family who held the title, but also of the evolution of Germany throughout the Middle Ages and beyond.

The aristocracy of Germany encompassed many European kingdoms during the tumultuous evolution of Europe, including the lands of Silesia, Prussia, Transylvania, Bavaria, and other former territories of the Holy Roman Empire. These rich strands of geographical and historical interest tell the story of Germany’s noble classes across the centuries and make for a fascinating ancestral lineage.

As an esteemed and respected member of such a legendary nobility, the bearers of the title of BurgGraf lay claim to some of the most influential, powerful and wealthy positions within the magnificent European aristocracy. The families of the German Burgrafs of old would likely have been among the wealthiest and most privileged social groups of the Middle Ages, enjoying access to some of the most exclusive social events throughout the centuries, in close proximity to the kings, queens, emperors and princes that ruled through Germany’s Golden Age.

With such a long-standing, firmly established and highly respected place within the German Nobility, the titles of BurgGraf that have survived to this day have become rare and intriguing souvenirs of the nation that would become the glorious Holy Roman Empire.

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Our extensive library of historical information and expert research skills have uncovered a unique opportunity to secure a highly unusual Noble Title – a German Viscount, or BurgGraf.

The title of BurgGraf is a prestigious aristocratic rank within the historic German Nobility.

Comprising the German words for castle or large estate (Burg) and Count (Graf), the position of BurgGraf is widely regarded to be comparable to that of a Viscount, and is an esteemed Noble Title that would typically suggest significant property ownership.

BurgGraf was traditionally a hereditary title and, like all the titles we research, this title can be passed to descendants – lending an air of prestige and exclusivity to your family’s future generations.

This rare title holds a rich and fascinating history, which makes the possession of this highly regarded BurgGraf title a valuable and impressive link to one of the world’s most powerful and legendary aristocracies.

The secure and authentic transfer of this interesting and unique title is assured by the services of our experienced legal specialists, who will manage all aspects of the acquisition process.

Price: 4900€ payable via PayPal or Bank Wire.

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