Noble Titles for Sale

We are able to research, locate and obtain for our clients these Titles of Nobility

French Noble Titles for Sale:

French Lordships
- French Feudal Baronies
French-German Baronies from Alsace and Lorraine
French Viscount Titles
French Count Titles
French Marquisates

Italian Noble Titles for Sale:

Italian Lordships
- Italian Feudal Baronies
Italian Marquisates
Italian Duchies
Italian Principalities

German Noble Titles for Sale:

German Lordships
- German Feudal Baronies
German Count Titles

There are many people who wish to acquire a feudal or nobility title. Titles may give you a sense of historical belonging, satisfy your vanity, or simply honour your ancestors, leave a beautiful inheritance to your descendants, or use it for business purposes.

Nobility titles for-saleWe are a private institution that specialises in the faultless legal and historical research, transfer and acquisition of ancient Italian Feudal & Noble Titles, mainly Italian Lordships, Baronies, Marquisates, Duchies and Principalities.

We also work with French Lordships, Baronies, French Feudal Baronies, French Titles of Count and Viscount, Marquisates and the truly rare and very much appreciated French-German Baronies and Counties from Alsace and Lorraine.

All our Noble and Feudal Titles are hereditary and all the transfers are handled by experienced European solicitors with the utmost respect to legality, complying with French and Italian Law.

If you are interested in obtaining a Hereditary French, French-German or Italian Noble Title in an impeccable legal manner, please write us. Our fee for the research necessary to locate a Feudal or Noble Title which meets our client's specifications is of €299. The fee is refunded in full if we fail to present our client with the name of a title. If the client decides to go ahead and acquire the title through us, the research fee is always deducted from the final price. You are very welcome to telephone us or email us by completing the contact form.

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