French and Italian Lordships for Sale

Posted: 18 April 2017

Lordhips for sale.

Many years ago we offered Lordships for sale, mainly from Italy and France. Now, we offer again this excellent service, very much coveted and requested by historians, collectors, businessmen and philanthropists. Those with a deep love for feudalism, nobility, history and honour will be thrilled at our new offers.

The French and Italian Lords enjoyed official titles as nobles. They formed a much defined gentry whose existence rested only on ancestral wealth and good birth. These Noble Lords enjoyed local political powers undreamed of nowadays and ruled their estates with little outside interference.

They held a common ideology based on their feeling of superiority, and monopolized high political and military offices. In fact, the owners of Lordships most of the great generals and statesman of their respective countries. While some led idyllic lives in their countryside domains, full of endless pleasure and self-indulgence.

Most of them were respected members of society, who involved themselves in the most dynamic and innovative efforts of European capitalism, financing overseas exploration, new corporations, and technological advances, as well as agricultural and forestry management. The prominence of the Lords could be seen in many domains. Enthusiasm for architecture and the rebuilding of their manorial or seigniorial houses touched the nobles very deeply.

New building technologies such as glass making rendered some medieval castles obsolete, and new constructions, with an aesthetic intent of nobility, self-control and dignity were found in many European Lords. The aristocratic lords always benefitted from the privileges of birth and from parental connections, which usually placed them in higher positions than their commoners competitors.

They also loved buying elegant goods, and had a very high life-style. They built splendid new houses to confirm their arrival in high society, offered their wives beautiful clothing, and fine meals for their guests.

The Holders of Lordships usually had the right and privilege to bear arms and in particular, to wear a sword. This proved the traditional mission of the Lords, that of protecting the rest of society. They had in fact enormous privileges, such as: increasingly complete monopoly in ecclesiastical positions, army posts with officer rank, demand trial before specific law courts, etc.

Lordships of the best quality, from France and Italy, will be now part of our day to day operations. We can guarantee that we can find and prepare a full and complete dossier on an original and well investigated Lordship in 48 hours. The fee for researching a Lordship is lower than our standard research fee, being only 99€ payable via PayPal. Of course, this fee is deducted from the final price.

Italian and French Lordships sell very well for 1500€, but you can find sometimes in our Great Offers section some special promotions with Lordships going for 1300€, which is indeed good value.

The most ancient Lordships in Europe come from France and Italy, and date back to many centuries ago, being intertwined with the history of Europe, nobility and royalty. We can research Lordships from many parts of France and Italy. The historical investigation of Lordship Titles in France and Italy is difficult. However, we are delighted to say that our research team, after spirited effort, is able to locate rare and important titles of Lord. We habitually inspect the Feudal Sources of Italy and France to scrutinise titles that belonged to the French or Italian Nobility.

We have efficaciously carried out many lawful and successful processes concerning the restoration and proprietorship of French and Italian Lordship Titles.

Lord Titles are very illustrious titles of nobility. For the first time in many years, we are yet again giving this option to our customers. Contact us and enquire.